To determine your account balance, please contact our billing department at 970-242-3535.


You can pay your bill by check or credit card. Make your check payable to Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates and mail to our main office address: 627 25-1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO  81505


To pay via credit card, please call our billing department to provide appropriate information: 970-242-3535


Billing Problems and MEDICARE Compliance

It is the policy of our organization and each of the physicians to comply with MEDICARE guidelines and other federal/state regulations regarding the provision of services and billing.

If you notice any discrepancy on your bill (such as an item or service that has been billed that you did not receive) please contact our billing department as soon as possible. If the problem is not resolved, please contact our operations manager or CEO.

Payment Plans

If you are uninsured or are responsible for a portion of your bill, you will be expected to make payment at the time of service. If you cannot pay for your care at the time of your visit, please contact our billing office prior to your appointment to determine if you qualify for a deferred payment plan. Our staff will work with you to arrange a reasonable payment schedule for the services you require.


In the event that an overpayment or duplicate payment is made, we will make a refund to the patient or insurance company as soon as possible (normally within 5 business days).